This is the home of the Cascade Township Master Plan. The fundamental purpose of a master plan is to enable a community to establish a direction for physical growth, infrastructure investment, public services, and identity. Therefore, a master plan represents a foundation for what a community is, what it values, and what it hopes to become. 

This web-based plan represents a culmination of more than twelve months of work by Township residents, stakeholders, and officials. It reflects community assets, opportunities, and challenges as shared by the residents and neighbors that live, work, or play in the Township. Feel free to click around and explore your Township, learn more, and let us know what you think!

What’s this about? Consisting of families, relationships, and partnerships; neighborhoods are the core building blocks of community. Houses, parks, schools, and institutions are threads in the tapestry that constitute a traditional neighborhood. Healthy neighborhoods are well connected, inclusive, and equitable to all ages, backgrounds, and life stages.

What’s this about? Unique landscapes such as the Thornapple River, rolling hills, and ravines characterize the natural features of Cascade Township. Significant natural features are assets and should be protected to preserve the uniqueness and sense of place cherished by residents and shared with future generations.

What’s this about? Cascade Township is home to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Michigan’s second largest airport. Due to this regional asset, the Township is home to a diverse group of businesses leveraging this transportation hub. Further development and redevelopment is expected in this quadrant of the Township.

What’s this about? A well-connected and diverse transportation system is the key to community-wide mobility. Transportation systems are tasked with providing the means to access employment, amenities, and services, move goods and materials, and provide for recreational needs. A balanced and inclusive transportation system is accessible by all members of a community, regardless of age or ability.