This is the home of the ADOPTED Cascade Township Master Plan. The fundamental purpose of a master plan is to enable a community to establish a direction for physical growth, infrastructure investment, public services, and identity. Therefore, a master plan represents a foundation for what a community is, what it values, and what it hopes to become.

This web-based plan represents a culmination of more than twelve months of work by Township residents, stakeholders, and officials. It reflects community assets, opportunities, and challenges as shared by the residents and neighbors that live, work, or play in the Township. Feel free to click around and explore your Township, learn more, and let us know what you think!

We plan to make Cascade one of the most resilient,
equitable, and sustainable townships in Michigan.

Cascade Charter Township will protect and enhance the natural environment by preserving the rolling woodlands, meadows, wetlands, groundwater, and the waters of the Thornapple River and its tributaries.

Cascade Charter Township will have a diverse selection of quality housing choices for current and future residents providing life-long housing opportunities for young and old.

Cascade Charter Township will encourage a balance of economic opportunities including retail, industrial, technological, office, service, and similar uses in locations that will enhance the quality of life within the Township.

A well-connected and diverse transportation system is the key to community-wide mobility.