Transportation & Mobility

What’s this about?
A well-connected and diverse transportation system is the key to community-wide mobility. Transportation systems are tasked with providing the means to access employment, amenities, and services, move goods and materials, and provide for recreational needs. A balanced and inclusive transportation system is accessible by all members of a community, regardless of age or ability.


Work Travel

Travel time to work is a metric used to help determine the relationship between where people live and where people work in a community. As of 2016, 86% of residents traveled less than 30 minutes to work, indicating that most work outside of the Township. Reducing travel time by maintaining a strong local economy results in less congestion, more disposable income, and improved environmental conditions.

Traffic Volume

Traffic volume changes on the same road segments over time help indicate future traffic demand, mode shift, and growth areas. Traffic volumes in the Township appear to be decreasing in the core of the Township near Cascade Village and increasing around the periphery.